Encyclopedia of marriage
Fat bride wedding dress selection? First of all, you must not take into account those fluffy looks like cotton candy wedding dress, popular styles that are more than 10 years ago. That dress look good, but not for big girls. You might think that a full skirt can cover themselves don't want to see the part, but when you hid in your arm balloon sleeves, tucked hips under his baggy dress, in fact you look fatter than the original. This result is probably not what you want. So, you want to stay away from Princess skirt wedding dress, lace away from the stack, big skirt, and puff sleeve, because these are not for you.
In addition, you can no longer choose the mermaid skirt and tight skirts, that will allow people to focus attention on your hips.
Fat bride wedding dress selection? If some of your arms and shoulders, chest is full enough, should avoid tight-fitting long sleeves and square neckline. You should go for a wide v-neck design, that will make your neck look longer, chest and more petite. On the sleeve, you can choose who starts from the elbows to bell-shaped long sleeve or short sleeve loose. If the wedding dress itself had no sleeves, you can try adding a bud if small decorated with lace jacket or shawl. Corset-style dress is not the best choice here.
Fat bride wedding dress selection? If your waist is a little rough, you can choose slightly loose skirts, shifts focus to the chest or hips. If hip is Alice, but is not large enough, you can select a mermaid-style dress. There is also an option in chest decoration flower, to highlight the area of the chest. If the skirt is wrap design of oblique or waist with studded decoration, which is good, because it will walk down the buttocks, breaks the width of the belly.
If your waist is really thick, and corsets have been unable to play a role in too many, then you will feel very uncomfortable throughout the wedding process. High waist skirt is a good choice.
Fat bride wedding dress selection? In order to get people's attention away from the problems of site transfer, embroidery or a different color inlay can be used to do so. Because most wedding dress with some fluffy result, thus still need to make some small changes in the hips. If your hips and some huge, then Mermaid skirt will be the worst choice. High waist skirt the fuzzy line between hip and waist to make it almost into a.