Encyclopedia of marriage
Prepare for the wedding will let new people exhausted, bride in order to perfect wedding day images, made a lot of sacrifices. Here, small series to remind friends, these 6 kinds of behavior, we can give.

Do--photographed the night before going to bed early, and fully hydrated. Wedding can take a long time, so be sure to eat something to maintain physical strength. When you smile, makes your eyes shine, don't close your eyes, don't wink at the camera.
Don''t--don't hold your breath when you pose, relaxed light--remember to breathe. If you don't do this, your body stiff, from your tight shoulders and stiff smile to see you nervous.
Treat cosmetic
Do--select the generous fashion makeup and hairstyle, and after a few years you'll see the photos wouldn't be funny.
Don''t--not to touch their faces. You want to makeup artists to tell you that this is not a perfect place and your own ideas. Also, do not let your friends when your makeup-unless he or she is a professional.
Treat hair
Do--as soon as possible discuss with your stylist to determine the overall style of your day. Natural is best, do the things you get used to it. Does not have to punch the hair. You can try hair.
Don''t--not for the wedding to go perm. You don't have to do a perm to change the image of peacetime. Don't never found a hair stylist, don't think there will be a miracle at this time. Discuss it with hair stylist at least twice. If you've always been straight hair beauty, why did you have to make before the wedding hair, all of my friends that will be surprising, even Nice also needs a process of adaptation.
Treat wedding planning
Do--sure to please professionals for your photos and video footage, after all, will eventually sit down and finish you wedding.
Don''t--Bachelor Party before the wedding will not be too crazy, you be too tired spirit. Don't go hungry, eat something! Don't drink or smoke before the wedding.
Treat cake
Do--at least two weeks in advance to determine the wedding cake styles, so production will have plenty of time making flowers and other sculpture.
Don''t--not everyone eats cake, so you don't have to prepare a giant cake. Price is based on the design of the cake rather than size to decide. Do not think that cake makers will fully understand your request, you should clearly say what you think.
Treat wedding dress design
Do--magazine, determine the image you want, you can see pictures of designers to help them work. Conscious awareness of one's own body, your body may not be appropriate for all the clothes.
Don''t--if you look at a lot of designs, you may be confused themselves, so before the designers vision, you have to stay awake. Do not select the color that you have never tried, so may not be suitable for you. If you have never worn a pink, adventure at your wedding.