Encyclopedia of marriage
Traditional Chinese wedding customs
Wedding, also known as "wedding feast" is wedding day thank the guests held a Grand feast. If the wedding activities to a climax the whole marriage, the wedding is the climax of the Summit. Wedding etiquette
Red tape and pay attention to wedding etiquette, from dinner to serve, from composed dishes to eat
Sections, tables and seats arrangement, placement of dishes, and so on, there are a set of rules. Most of today's wedding at the hotel, when newlyweds when floats in front of the hotel, best man groom first car doors, car doors give the bride and groom. The bride and groom to banquet hall door, the parents stand in line to greet guests on arrival of the guests thank
Wedding start ceremonies to personally arrange the bride's "big" and the maid get a seat, a sign of respect. Wedding seat arrangements, specific methods, are not the same everywhere. According to the Yantai customs, the bride's guests at the first table, accompany and coach should be facing the stage, in order to watch the ceremony. But if the coach is generations of different generations, make separate arrangements, the so-called "generation or two different seats." Listed on the guest list when long tables, said feng first tables ... ... ... row table, preferably same sex, same age, organization of people who know each other at a table. In a common language in the feast, can enhance the wedding atmosphere
After the end of the wedding ceremony and banquet begins. At this point, do not rush to change the dress of the bride, after the first hot dishes on the table, lifted a chopstick to show guests open seats. After three years when the food tastes, according to the bride and groom's table, to each table to toast to each guest in turn. Toast to hand for guests to pick up your drink, but don't force guests in one gulp. After the guests set the glass down, the bride and groom want to say "thank you" and is sure to fill your drink, then down a guest toast. To note is that the bride and groom at the last two tables closest peers. To facilitate the new toast of "program" that affect the toasting progress, let guests wait behind
End of the wedding, the bride and groom must both stand on the door, and the guests shook hands goodbye and say "thank you", "take care" it. So all the guests leave, the couple and their parents into a new house with "guest" account represents the bride's parents a few words be sure to top the Sun "home"
Western wedding customs
In most Western countries, after eating a meal that is rich in (traditionally by the bride's family to pay the expense), caused by attending the wedding will blessed words. Traditional ceremony the Chief man of the people, including the bride's father, (the best man, often mocked everyone would expect him to say some new jokes), and then finally the groom. In the modern United States wedding, speech is usually the Chief the best man and Chief Bridesmaid (the maid of honor).
By blessing after the word, the couple will begin their first dance, usually called "marriage Waltz" (bridal wlatz). In most of the modern wedding ceremony music are romantic pop music, lovers dancing the Waltz's dance is rarely true, but according to play different styles of dance music.
Wedding party may have some special models. For example, after the first dance, the groom will escort the bride to her father's side, their father and daughter dance. In the aftermath of these particular dance, the guests will be invited to come together to dance. Party will be toasting each other and celebrate, all the way to new people sitting on one of their friends "decorate" the car leaves. Wedding traditions vary widely between the various cultural, even in the same country in different areas as well. Here are some different traditions:
☆ Money dance or dollar dance: the guests will pay a small amount of money to dance with the bride or groom. In some cultures, the money will be nailed to the bride wears a special apron. Some cultures are friends to collect the money, sometimes they will pay each of the guests when they have a small glass of wine. This tradition in the United States are common in the Midwest, however, in other areas it is considered tacky.
☆ Thrown out the bride's bouquet and garter (Garter): hand bouquet, bride, to go behind all the single women, who received a bouquet will be considered is the next person to get married. Groom bride's garter faded instantly after (usually do so for entertainment guests), left the bride's garter to all single men, who received the Garter was considered is the next person to get married. Sometimes, received a band of men to bring socks to wear to women who received a bouquet. Sometimes the way the Garter is determined by the drawing of lots for sale, rather than lost. In the United States in some parts, this behavior is considered tacky.
☆ Knocked on the glass: guests will be knocking on the glass during meal (usually with a spoon) brought to everyone's attention, and then request a new stand up and kiss. Sometimes the couple is ready to Bell in lieu of knocking on the glass.