Encyclopedia of marriage
New old house renovation renovation, housing decoration change all that existed, in fact, such a practice for ordinary working families, there are both expensive and time-consuming, laborious ills and make proper adjustments and make full use of existing home d├ęcor, still feeling can give a new look to achieve good results. So, in front of the old house renovation, decorating the owner must be renovated style has a new idea, and together with the company to finalize the final renovation program, in order to avoid the whole effect of the refurbishment of poor, even to the effect of interior furnishings.
Whether it's decorating the House renovation renovation, water and electricity reform is the focus of House decoration, for old house renovation renovation of housing, because of the long residence time, installation of pipes or wires even before the quality any better, inevitably a degree of aging, safety was reduced. So in the second decoration, replace these materials will help extend the live of the whole House comfort.
In times of old house renovation renovation, some owners may feel that the existing unit do not like, it is easy to make certain adjustments in the structure of the housing wall. In fact, such an approach does more harm than good, wall reconstruction even in strict accordance with the principle of no change of load-bearing walls, houses will be affected to a certain extent the overall structural strength.