Encyclopedia of marriage
Outdoor wedding pose 1: head and body into a straight line
When the outdoor wedding, if the head and body in a straight line, it will produce a dull feeling. So when front towards the camera, the head should be slightly to the left or right, photos will look elegant and lively.
Similarly, when the couple's eyes are on the scene and allows the body to go into a certain point of view, will make the picture look angry and momentum, and increase the sense of depth.
Outdoor wedding poses 2: arms and legs parallel to avoid
Selection of wedding is sitting or standing, don't let the arms or legs are parallel, because it will give people a feeling of stiffness, mechanical. Appropriate Li song or both constitutes a certain point of view. In this way, can cause movement, postures and variations.
Outdoor wedding position 3: try to get body curvy
For a bride who in front of the camera, its fascinating curves are necessary.
Li is usually do to make yourself actually support the body weight on one leg, one leg a little more elevation and stand on the leg, arm to turn around, to show the narrowest side, chest curve through the waist, displayed their towering and fruitful as possible. Meanwhile, the couple can put a hand on the hip, so as to provide the necessary width to screen.
Outdoor wedding position 4: seated avoid trap
As the couple sat while shooting, not to whole body sitting in a Chair as usual. Or leg will render the rest of the State, that leg fat at the top part of the uplift and make the legs look crude.
Right does Li is to move forward, close to the Chair and sat on, and keep the chest abdomen, belly down to avoid shoulder phenomenon of convex.
Outdoor wedding posture 5: player position
New hands in the small screen, but if placed incorrectly, will spoil the whole beauty of the picture. Note to shooting hands full, not to the deformed, broken, incomplete feeling. Hands on his hips or a Pocket, showing part of the finger, so as not to give the impression of truncated.