Encyclopedia of marriage
Most commonly used three types of wine wedding
Beer is the most common and indispensable category, most visitors can drink several glasses of homemade wine.
Alcohol content: 8~12du
Wine red wine health become the darling of the wedding. Due to its "booming, good luck" meaning fits the wedding theme, so red wine at the wedding feast of the rising status.
Alcohol content: 12~14du
Spirit of traditional spirit in the current location of the wedding is still irreplaceable, especially in weddings in the North for the election.
In a clear and transparent, sweet and mellow world.
Alcohol content: between 52~54du.
New faces on wedding
Champagne: is a kind of sparkling wine, Champagne is a geographic name, according to information available only in France champagne legal in the North region, produces only sparkling wine can be called Champagne. Champagne is a sparkling wine of Kings, there are still many people around the world all sparkling wines referred to as champagne by mistake, this is a mistaken identification, true champagne worth a fortune.
Alcohol content: 10. 5%
Wine: with this concept of champagne, sparkling wines are easy to distinguish, in addition to champagne producing area of sparkling wine produced in other regions are referred to as sparkling wine, the price is relatively cheap. Consumers need to recognize the origin at time of purchase.
Alcohol content: 11. 5~13. 5%
Whisky: with the advent of themed wedding, for some small gesture exotic people, wine whisky is more used. New era many young people abandon traditional liquor instead of wine instead, is distilled whiskey, is essential to success on the wedding.
Alcohol content: between 40~60%.
Wedding wine, which is divided into several
Wedding wine is basically divided into two types, most notably for the wedding, on the other hand are used as special souvenirs for collection or thank friends and relatives. Universal in wedding wine, divided into liquor, wine, beer, and wine from the category. As a Memorial, and thank you friends and basically dominated by the high-end liquor and wine (such as a special wine of the year).
Considerations for buying wedding
Kin selection habits of liquor brands and, secondly, to consider Wedding guest's identity and, if necessary, separate boxes of high-end liquor; III, taking into account their economic capacities, positioning of the liquor to discuss with parents, try to be fully taken into account.
Some notes
Asked will the hotel take drinks, because some hotels not to bring the wine, so real will make sure you can avoid wasting resources or causing a dispute.
Care staff not to open the wine, such as wedding, closed down is half the bottle of liquor, some even only one or two are, if it is Wu Liang ye may have lost too much.
Wedding table wine and table flowers (wine bottle label with your wedding photos more individual), liquor and beverages are delivered by the waiter at the bar at any time, this wedding was classy good taste.
In October-February between married people must pay attention to wine prices, because of gains, especially when the Chinese new year holiday.
First of all to determine how his budget wine, comprehensive per seat price calculation, obtained an approximate number, on the basis of the price going to find some he Xin wine. Wine prices fall a lot, on the quality of the more expensive items in a certain degree of assurance, but cheap red wine also have a good standard, so the reservation price is very important.
For years, regions, wineries produce wine taste and smell can be very different, so don't single letter introduction to wine salesmen should be based on individual needs, try several different wines, then choose one of your own kind.
Many couples shopping for wine, taste wine that you choose should be feeling very lost, in fact, this problem is easy to solve. Because of the wedding with wine, generally expected to greet all guests, so avoid too personalized, the best choice for some tastes more affordable, easier entry of red wine, such as a sweet, fruity taste of categories, the flavors are a fitting wedding sweet feeling.