Encyclopedia of marriage
First: looking for a good deal out of wine (best man);
Article II: the arrangement is under "block wine hand", retaining wine group;
Article III: absolutely avoid drinking on an empty stomach;
Fourth: do not believe that coffee and tea can hangover, their effectiveness can only up to;
Article fifth: don't rely on the drug hangover, the best use of natural food hangover;
Sixth: soda or soda should not be added to dilute the alcohol in wine, this process will backfire;
Seventh: Hangover: a drink before eating foods that contain fat, like fatty meat, dried beancurd, milk, pineapple, guava and; hangover II method: drinking broth, especially baked fish soup with shredded turnips can do most hangover effect. Ziesch the two laws, the effect is better;
Eighth: drink, eat cheese, eggs, meat and other protein foods, helps the volatilization of alcohol;
Nineth has been drinking too much, might as well use a soup or drink a lot of water, to dilute the effect of concentration of alcohol, in addition, eat some fruit, drink honey for the hangover grade;
Tenth: in short, moderate drinking but is the wedding day of spiritual laws, must drink wine, depends on the bride and groom carefully packed not only major task affecting the wedding night.