Encyclopedia of marriage
Facing life's most important moments, and perfect and wonderful wedding is the goal of each couple, as long as a number of small details that can easily help you realize your aspirations, to learn and create your own romantic love story!
1, the wedding planning and wedding links as a whole, this will ensure the unity of style will also make the effect even more outstanding.
2, planning is important, but more important, be sure to take into account the realization of the plan and operational, this will allow later implementation much easier.
3, exaggerated details of floral decoration, color dot, or are some of the more rare decorative material used, is to increase the amazing magic of the wedding.
4, will love your sweetheart wedding invitations to make a map, with each wedding location for your memorable name table, and then at the check in desk ready for hand-drawn comic love story of two people, a romantic love story began.
5, or replacing traditional materials with special little gifts made wedding invitations, for example a small puzzle game, and prepared big surprises before the wedding.
6, may wish to sign and the cocktail party before the ceremony to prepare some surprise guests, from the outset, the wedding is exciting. Recommendations can invite a skilled bartender, bring up the ups and downs several cocktails of different tastes and at the table with a small card showing representative for each flavor of love, this is also great way to let guests know you love story.
7, summer outdoor wedding, without warning a small shower or the glare of the Sun, and uncertain weather factors can affect quality of wedding, may wish to prepare some for guests full of elegant, patterned umbrella, in addition to rain or sun-shading features, good wedding ornament.
8, at a long table, Western wedding, wish to highlight a elegant themes, it is recommended that you replace traditional paper with Ribbon or lace table card, on the Ribbon with pearls or gold pen write guests names and then hung around the table flowers, beautiful and fresh.
9, before the wedding to the preparatory process, including site selection, designing invitations, venue decoration details crafted into a video, before the ceremony began in the loop for guests to watch and believe they would be of deep feeling.
Outdoor wedding ceremonies on 10, if it is, it might be traditional horizontal styling to a circular arrangement of seats and let guests and loved ones around you, it will feel even more warm and intimate, the guests will not only see you in and loved ones back.
11, use light and shadow to create the atmosphere more and more as the new favorite, try daring, it is recommended that during the wedding, lighting combined with the wedding menu menu appearance, create a vision, hearing, taste, and enjoy the wedding as the Trinity.
12, wants to create a lavish wedding, remember that table in wedding banquet table skirts must be slightly longer than the height of the table, slightly overhanging sense is embodied the gorgeous one of the essential details.