Encyclopedia of marriage
Wedding photography pictures, OK, that's a big deal! Pictures to hang in the wedding scene, hung on the living-room wall for all your friends to see! Therefore, photographed on this day, the whole scene to Hold live! This small series of 10 photo tips to teach you, are masters of wedding photography experience, wide-eyed to learn Oh!
1. Please leave the Chair when sitting. If the chairs back the whole aura will "collapse", please put back straight, revealing waist curve.
2. arm slimming to geometry. Not for everyone "with chest and back" kind of fashion magazine cover effect, is the best way to make the arm slimming use light and shadow, put his arm extended Visual bent geometry.
3. slim effect depends on their waist. Positive body standing-knee when stacked even more curves, belly in ever hip.
4. how beautiful the back enhance sexual attractiveness. Note After the back straight, hips cocked. Because straight behind the curve of your legs and your hips will show it and face will sparkle.
5. try to open your collar bones. Clavicle is a woman most sexy upper body part, many wedding chest, shoulders forward so when I shoot, show clavicle will house more sexy.
6. hair dryer, shaping the dynamic effect. Blower role is not only to make the wedding a romantic dancing, makes images vibrant charm, when blown, however please be sure to try to keep unblinking and beautiful smile.
7. the way to make the face look slimmer. Remember low eye smile is DDB law, but don't show too much white. Raising Queen Chin shape strong effect, pouting your Chin Princess sweet effects, head slightly upward, and nose look smaller.
8. facial features more use of props and the side. Close-up face fat bride take the side, mouth slightly open even more thin. Please put your hands supporting the head block cheeks, dewlap, holding flowers and other beautiful items you can put in the cheek side, highlighting the gentle temperament.
9. be sure to try the hazy veil. Shape under the veil of beauty not only have full feminine, it will make sense of mystery, which is unique in the wedding pictures, not to be missed.
10. available when you take double photo tips. Run action choose a long veil can be vibrant, move closer to slim more than two people can embrace and stand. Often practise posing in front of the mirror, well prepared.
Finally needs to be emphasized is the expression, regardless of what kind of makeup and POSE are not suitable with a dull bitter face, so please let inner joy radiating, smiles and eyes your happiness