Encyclopedia of marriage
Traditional Chinese marriage with its etiquette extravaganza set out the characteristics of the scene, usually through tihun, engaged, married married, wedding programs, wedding and relatives coming in have fun on the night after the bride and groom, the couple lay both go hand in hand for the climax. Formerly, this breed some good paradox, as occurred in the bridal chamber, it is called naofang, the invasion, the new downtown. Because of this practice with the bride as funny object, so it is also known as the bride, bride, old woman also known as play.
On origin of the naofang customs, folk has two versions. A refuge because of exorcism. Legend has it that long ago purple MSI down, met a woman who cremate, trailing in the wake of a procession, he could see that it was the devil looking for evil, and tracking to the groom's family, and saw the woman had first arrived, and hid in the bridal chamber. When the bride and groom just after when heaven and Earth will enter the bridal chamber, purple micro-watch the door don't let love in, say hidden demons. When they asked him to show the devil approaches, he suggested: "the devil fears most is there, the devil will not dare to commit evil. "So, guests play in the bridal chamber and groom laughing, to drive away evil spirits with laughter. Sure enough, just before dawn when Devils finally escaped. Visible, beginning of the bridal chamber was covered with evil refuge colors. Evil custom bridal chamber throughout the North and South. Before entering the bridal chamber, middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the groom would have to sleep in the night before the bridal chamber, two girls holding candles in advance will be as new again; beaten by the Tianjin team, within the new percussion, to Geely. After the couple into the room, flooding the evil is still very important. For example in Eastern up, groom after entering the House to new houses each corner shot an arrow symbol, or holding pole at each corner of the imaginary knife, and song said: "cut a demon, second cut, cut three Devil bad head, hacked to death four gods leave, laugh at the Unicorn child. "More general practices are in new homes built in the ever-burning lamps. The so-called "wedding night" said this is what I mean. Scholars, customs is also a protection measure against ghosts enter the bridal chamber.