Encyclopedia of marriage
In Finland the summer season, you may see an amazing sight: a group of young boys or girls with a rope and dragged a man walking in a public place. This man who was dragged by ropes with a mask and scruffy, you may think, this person is a person who will be doing the bride or groom. In Finland, celebrated in early summer is the best season, these young people are actually welcome they will get married friends, end your single life and start a new life.
This custom started with Finland some urban areas very few people know about, but in the 80 's of the last century broke out throughout. From the 70 's of the last century Finland began to reject many traditional rituals and customs, which continued for some time after, Finland and began to pursue the traditional customs and practices give people pleasure. Therefore, after the 80 people at weddings and other family events are being held to add some traditional elements.
Earlier Finland people engagement and marriage are to be recognized by both parents. Both parents shook hands engagement, wedding was confirmed two formal conclusion of marriage. Finland people's wedding customs forms not only under the influence of folk tradition, but also by the influence of Church and religion of the Church.
Starting from BC, people had already formed the Exchange order wedding customs. In 1686, Church law engaged engagement Agreement equivalent legal effect. In fact, many young people engaged in the country began after the true marriage life. In 16th century, the nobility became popular in engagement rings, but in a poor country, can only be engaged to shake hands with each other.
1988 revision of the marriage law, canceled the engagement of legal effect, but the tradition of engagement did not disappear.
From the 18th century until 1917, only wedding in the Church has the force of law. Now, about 86% of Finland who believed in the Lutheran Church, they are generally at the wedding to a church or chapel, also sometimes held at home or wedding.
Our modern wedding and old Finland country compared to the traditional wedding can be found in Finland's special wedding customs.
In Finland the country, young people choose to marry are greatly influenced by their parents and restrict.
And the wedding is to show others their own wealth and social status of the opportunity. Country wedding festivities often continue for several days, the bride and groom's family held boisterous celebrations. In General, during the autumn and Christmas wedding more, because not much farm work, and plenty of food than any other season. Preparations for the wedding to ask some professionals, like a matchmaker, Bridal makeup artist, a cook and singer.
Rural landowner family wedding is lavish, sometimes wedding celebration can take up to two weeks. Finland held the "Crown wedding" is very special, called "Crown wedding" is because the bride's head with a beautiful Crown. Wedding celebration site team to go through an archway to a large wedding, the bride and groom at a wedding under the canopy. The wedding reached a climax, people began to rave, dance, sing, until exhausted.
But not everyone can afford such a lavish wedding, some poor priest residence held a simple ceremony, wedding guests sometimes gather together some money to the newly married couple.
In the 19th century, Finland all sectors of our community gap, the gap is particularly evident in the wedding customs. Few wedding you people obviously imitating continental wedding custom ceremony.
Modern Finland held the wedding not only innovative, distinctive and reflect their traditional customs, such as throwing rice, cutting the wedding cake. Modern wedding is a combination of classical and romantic. Luxury wedding cars decorated with bells ringing in tin cans, groom holding bride across the threshold. Modern Finland people, these are the real tradition.