Encyclopedia of marriage
Agreed name after the needs of meat, wine, vegetables, fixed an auspicious day of their marriage. Wedding day morning, the family slaughtered cattle, pig, prepare vegetables. After the midday meal, the groom, with the franc rate Cook and help fellow in mighty carrying beef, pork, carrying food and wine to the Beni banquet. Entertained female friends and relatives. Home please send small "less Bu", standing in the Palm room plastered with Kat-like water welcomes. Elders brought men to have a good cook stove in place, start food cooking. When eating, everyone in the village every 1 participants (bring your own delicious meal) for a total of wedding blessings. Huayao Dai wedding, most of which are held at midnight. Evening, the matchmaker, and the two know the etiquette of middle-aged women, with festive party set out for the bride's family to the wedding. Mother of the bride is already waiting for you at the door to greet, drank a toast to the procession. Matchmakers and wedding wine bowl over your head, women respectfully, saying worship offering words of wine spilled on the ground, said to worship ancestors; drinks second glass of wine into the House seated dining. Small "less Bu" wine frequently, female relatives took turns toasting to pick up food, and enthusiastic. Groom hand shake, the bride a tray of wine glasses, drank a toast to the elders, relatives; and, finally, came before the mother and father both knelt down and toast farewell. Hard mother daughter, daughter does not forget mother, heads to cry together, not apart. The bride's brothers or relatives pulled her back out the door, was swarmed by wedding, send people to.
Wedding held at the midnight of huayaodai, jieqin en route via the River, must take the bride and groom to cross the river. Mother of the groom and the wedding ceremony of old people at the door, greet the midnight arrival of newcomers. When the 8 small "Bu less" wear a silver ring to hold the bride came to the door, she quickly went for the wife to wear "boschniakia glabra chicken hats"; little with intentionally knocked the CAP crooked, mother-in-law to righted, repeated playfulness, increased between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law feelings. Brides followed her first cow stall fed cattle grass. Legend, bulls and Dai ploughed, common work, it eats grass, Dai ate food; in order to venerate the spirit of cattle, then as a totem to worship, and reflects the history of farming culture heritage and the Dai people of good moral character
In door held Grand and full national features of wedding ceremony: one old grandma handheld torches surrounding see bride around three circle, expulsion road with meters of evil; II bit elderly for groom, and bride "tied line", blessing marriage firm; groom with left foot in threshold Shang, bride put right feet stepped on in groom instep Shang, elderly took with torches in they feet Shang water poured out, said go through fire and water not separation; couples with food yolk dye of concentric glutinous rice balls. Drink wedlock, said gold and silver to the couples work together with labor to create. Then to the opening to go to her in-laws, relatives. Entering a new House, Central Terminal is a container of steaming glutinous rice, rice lay in the middle of a jagged sickle; the bride and groom on the old man's instructions, taken from the side of rice, from the food to the parents, and then switch places, take the glutinous rice food. Respect the elderly, gender equality, food to eat, the share of traditional virtues.