Encyclopedia of marriage
Marriage is a very important thing for everybody, in wedding wedding photography essential red tape, however, it is important and difficult to master, so how can we truly learn wedding photography, in here we need to know what are the, the following small series gives you some basic tips about wedding photography.
1. Bright and beautiful
(1) the pursuit of aesthetic expression,
(2) using a variety of soft light, (light boxes, light scattering)
(3) to avoid the appearance of shadow, (positive plain)
(4) subjects level transition smooth,
(5) the icing on the cake by subjects own structural characteristics and make-up to complete the
(6) particular attention to bright saturated color,
(7) attention to the screen with a clean and elegant,
(8) emphasizes the style of romantic,
(9) the beauty to be pretty lively, (which is our judgment characteristic of beautiful wedding dresses and standards. )
2. Tone
(1) the pursuit of perfect reproduction of tone effect.
(2) lighting to highlight the characters sense of depth, layers,
(3) special attention to the distribution of light.
(4) lighting of light quality, intensity, direction, and brighter than the particularly demanding.
3. Sensibility
(1) the subjective consciousness of this style of photography is very strong.
(2) the photographer shooting my inspiration and passion are important.
(3) free and varied, creative, eclectic.
(4) attitude does not intentionally, not artificial, personalized, and randomness.
(5) art than a commercial element, and more for artistic creation, offbeat, and fashion photography.
Two points of shooting, bright-white
1. Bright makeup model
(1) light intensity, more beautiful photos;
(2) light larger, more beautiful photos;
(3) the subject distance, the greater and more beautiful photos.
3. Bright color
(1) the subject itself enough to color saturation;
(2) background colors saturated enough;
(3) there is enough color contrast;
(4) color have enough brightness.
Three other points
1. Gorgeous color-contrasting colors.
2. Full frame composition-full use of the film, to the main details and full performance.
3. Romantic beauty style-warm, and love forever.
4. Beautiful post production, pre-perfect combination of shooting and post production.
Four points of shooting, white yarn
1. Yarn
(1) will coordinate the whole of
(2) provide protection against defects
(3) auxiliary composition
(4) you can beautify your hair
(5) is shooting the necessary headdress of white yarn
2. Trailing the pendulum and application
(1) the different forms of tail has a different set of laws.
(2) behind the tail is generally placed in the character, naturally.
(3) who poses for the tail-shaped triangles, circles, ellipses, arc.
(4) when the long trailing wedding, whole body composition can be made into a banner, not only took long tail full, strip view and better shooting, more commonly used for exterior of white yarn.
(1) occlusion defects (2) balanced composition
(3) rich picture (4)
4. Skills
(1) before adding and subtracting.
(2) not subject, deny.
(3) the characters that stand out, not distracting.
5. POSE costume contact
(1) POSE with the character.
(2) clothing features strengthen the expressive POSE.
(3) POSE with the same type of clothing, such as lively, fashion, elegance and glamour.
6. White also available stereo
(1) the general law of stereo light (five lights) end of main light + auxiliary light + light + light + light
(2) innovative stereo light law (five lights) light + reflector + light + light + light + light at the end of
Features: economical and practical, good texture, grills, large reflector area and light natural transition.
7. Indoor shooting to note some of the white yarn
(1) white dress size and body proportions to fit, tall hair, short hair, short, fat people hair tied high, tied to block forward face, thin people don't block too much hair.
(2) with close hair mask to one side of the lens, usually double-sided shielding.
(3) clothing with reasonable
8. White film lighting
(2) lighting should be transferred to the all-optical
(3) soft box size is not too small, rushes towards the customer face.
(4) double wedding cross should be used when light
(5) soft box should be seen as a light source, light and ground level that we can imagine.
9. White film exposure
(1) the control ratio is 1 on the face and clothing. 5:1
(2) hair: face 2:1
(3) background: the face of 1:1 or 2:1
(4) high light face: for low-light face 2:1
Appropriate number of overexposed
1. 135 film:
(1) Kodak 100, PRI 100, FUJI 100, KONICA has 100, ACFA 100------1.5
(2) the LUCK 100 (black and white) D-76 Chong
(3) LUCK400 (black and white) C-41 Chong------1.5~2-level
(4) E200 0.5 e Chong C
(5)------E Chong C
2. 120 film:
(1) PPN160, VPS160, NPS160------1.5
(2) TMAX400 (black and white), TMAX100 (black and white)------1
(3) T400CN (black and white)-------1.5~2-level
(4) the EPD 200-----Chong C
(5) EPP100, E100VS, level EPY64----0~1/3 e C
(6) EPT160 (light)------0~0.5 Chong C
Note: reverse picture E---6 Chong exposure error is less than 1/3, or the correct exposure.
1. Features: eyes, Visual impact.
2. Bust: note changes in head and chest pieces, hand decorated with ECHO.
3. Seven in two places at once: a moderate amount, pay attention to lines.
4. Body: the amount of detail shown poor location, banner composition greater momentum.
5. Solid color background to show detail, blank little overhead, feet not blank.
6. Double white twin is not in the same plane, the focus should be aligned with the former.
7. Double are not the same height, seat and lower facial height.
8. White shooting sequence to color, arrangement of the space, and a sense of perspective space.
Seven, white character classification and points of
1. A warm, romantic type: yellow and orange tones, adding softener, clothing, hairstyle, POSE to atmosphere.
2. Lively and pretty: high color purity, lightness, lively and dynamic POSE.
3. Gorgeous luxury: fashion noble color colorful China, face cold, not normally laugh, props to luxury, suitable for middle-aged women.
4. Dignified and quiet type: clothing simple and elegant, simple POSE is so neat, high profile, harmonious tones. Delicate and quiet demeanor, or meditation, or smile, or intoxicated.
5. National: makeup styling cultural orthodoxy, POSE the right rules, reflect ethnic customs, habits and customs.
6. Fashion design: fashion colors, makeup fresh bold, look pretty and cool. Attention to environmental fashion props.
7. Classical painting: tonal harmony, clothes reflect cultural, POSE simple, static, picture the pursuit of Western oil painting.
8. Beautiful, sexy type: clothing exposed to bold, chest, shoulders, pajamas-white, eyes, mouth, lips, shoulders, chest, hand gestures to reveal sexy.
Modification of
1. Modified methods of face, fat, thin,
Skinny: wide light can be used to lighten the cheek
FAT: (1) using yarn hair to hide large face,
(2) turn the head, three or seven surface. Do not take a positive,
(3) use of high and low light shooting,
(4) raise the seat,
(5) lighting modification
(6) cosmetic modification.
2. Modification
(1) long face: forehead bangs appropriate shielding, earrings can be appropriately longer.
(2) round face: hair up, for this big smile and long, turning the face angle.
3. Modification of body height
(1) high: wear a narrow waist. Hem is a fishtail dress, slim figure.
(2) short: wear high waist dress, avoid the skirt is too big, don't head light foot.
4. Arm thickness modification
(1) weight: try to choose a dress with sleeves, and long or wide sleeves.
(2) fine: you can wear a sleeveless or wear a long scarf or gloves and jewelry.
5. Long legs and short legs of the modified
(1) length: short skirt showing legs.
(2) short: wear high heels and balance.
6. Modifier
(1) weight: select the emphasize upper body design dresses, avoid wearing emphasized the waist design clothing, selecting high waist dress.
(2) fine: wear reflect the waist of the dress.
7. Body fat, thin modification:
(1) FAT: wear neck, waist, group, and designed not to be too complex, with the white background.
(2) the skinny: the best wear a Turtleneck, long sleeve dress with a dark background.
8. Myopic vision should see infinity.