Encyclopedia of marriage
All year round, summer is the season for shooting wedding photos are most suitable for. Not only because at the time of flower bud bloom, because brides can wear various styles of wedding dresses, his own little dream. But the small series is here to remind you, summer climate is hot and difficult problems. Summer wedding considerations be?
Select in the hot summer wedding photos, the bride should note the precaution measures the first step, regular bedtime and rising time, rest at the right time in order to have a healthy body to cope with the heat. If you select a location wedding, summer's country or the river often have a lot of mosquitoes, brides are the best bring refreshing oil or medicated oil, taken so as not to affect the State.
Married couples in the summer, in order to make perfect outdoor wedding, even if under the scorching willingly. This case sunscreen must be prepared, so that when the wedding being burned by the ultraviolet rays. This is very important, it is recommended that new people to communicate in advance when shooting with make-up artist. Condition new, can take a damp paper towel or damp cloth, wipe to avoid heat stroke at any time on the way to wedding photography.
Summer wedding photos, new and most people will prefer light or short wedding dress. More hesitant country outdoor plants, wedding photography may be thorny weeds or branches scratch, preferably ahead of several band.
In blistering heat in the summer, wear wedding dresses new people is hard. At this time, if the bride can guests bring some cool summer drinks, not only for the groom to add strength of a hard day, promotes two feelings.