Married popular short films the wedding budget to improve

Starring: XX groom, bride and XXX
Cameo: father-in-law, mother-in-law ... ...
Changsha red network when he saw the wedding so subtitles appear on the screen, congratulations, met a personalized wedding start.
Micro films become a trend on Twitter, more and more people choose to use this record they love, wedding and many Studios also released a customized character by the movie business-can relive love, addiction to the actor by the way, of course, the bad news is--everyone's wedding budget will improve the!
Born in 1987, Xu Bailin, wearing black-rimmed glasses, talk some maturity beyond his contemporaries. In order to raise the cost of living, sophomore year he started to shoot short films for the main business of the Boleyn Studios. Despite the millionaire, is still immersed in the movie, working for more than 10 hours a day is often the case, "enthusiasm is not hard. "
Before shooting started, couples fight does not take
Xu Bailin's team a total of 16 people, including 3 Directors, and 2 writers and 3 videographers, 3 post production, others responsible for make-up, props, etc.
Xu Bailin introduced customized micro-love movie, interact with your customers in the early script fragments of their love story and deep processing, into the script, get approval, you can shoot. "We take control as much as possible in one day. "
Despite the previous end until two o'clock in the evening, but at seven in the morning, Xu Bailin struggled to get up, "this is new for us today, make enemies with the same, better with a man, two arguing before shooting says don't shoot, hope this won't put our third Dove. "Well, that day everything was normal.
For a specific scene, often wait time
Day of shooting the first scene is a new life, they decided to start shooting interiors of the time requirements. Because the woman is passionate about performance, a film, bride has entered the State, while the groom was still embarrassed, often wood generally make girlfriend is crazy. After numerous NG, this scene tricks.
Four o'clock in the afternoon, a group of people to get along with, everything is ready, we are busy. Xu Bailin explains: "for a time, we often wait time, instead of waiting for us. Like today to take pictures of the couple kissing with sunset in the background, sunset only a minute or two the most beautiful time, if a traffic jam, Miss, you should just wait for the next day. "
Eight o'clock, the last scene was placed in this new memorable coffee shop, friends of the couple was scheduled to play "servant", the next, a two-man picture again. After n times again later, time has climbed to two o'clock in the morning, only 4 minutes of this movie, finally finished the shoot. Although there is little to eat dinner, but Xu Bailin team has no appetite, went to sleep, is the most desired and have an early start the next day post production.
In addition to films, also presented filmed highlights
This love short films, each one is unique, studios often prepare two video cameras, one according to the script, and the other one, used trailer and fragments of NG, Xu Bailin introduced "sometimes giving tidbits, even new than the film satisfaction. "
In Changsha, although there are some wedding companies began development of the movie business, but is not common. Tailored to a micro-love movie, the price is not cheap.
In the Studio of Xu Bailin, just three or four minutes of the film, ranging in price from 8000 to a hundred thousand of. "The lowest price is 8000 Yuan, if you want to use the good directors, good film, or some particular scene, and prices have risen. "" Not long ago, we hosted a couple, they shot the scenes of Hainan, that micro-film, spent 80,000 yuan. "
Micro-Movie Guide
If you don't want to find wedding love short films, his fencing would not be difficult, of course, the quality of all by ourselves.
1 write script
Write your own or find a friend made. Stories can be a courtship of two people, can come through, such as two previous "misfortune" (legend of the butterfly lovers, white snake, Smith and his wife, as you YY). Even some people suggested making a direct interpretation of his marriage in the movies, not really married, don't really take the card, all this in the movie.
2 prepare equipment
Depending on what kind of movies do you. Common needs at least the camera one (online reference price: professional camera day 250), wanted to make more refined points can add lights, radio devices, such as light rail.
There are pictures of a cost-effective micro-film, can learn from popular horror short films on the network the LOST/falls run far cry, some students use DSLR camera + creative, 200 Yuan on fixed one "God". But this kind of comparison test post processing as well as creative, it's too easy to become electronic album.
3, gathered up the crew
The basic configuration is the Director 1, camera 1-2, sound recording, lighting each 1 person recommended friends around in search of such experiences. Can't scrape together, you can also learn Feng made the Fearless Hyena, the rest of the script, props, costumes, make-up, and also concurrently without me. As for the Extras, it's time to test character.
4 looking for location, set
As the case may be. Is recalling nearly two years of courtship, find yourself a nice parking, sights, or indoor scenes. Wants to play through and adequate financial support, you can consider a number of film and TV production base (such as Hengdian). To save costs, can also cottage play set – step 1. find the right picture on the Internet; step 2. printed wallpaper; step 3. posted on the wall of his home, out.
5 lines, refine their
Mirrors can be practiced at home look sensational play, recollection of mood brewing.
This links directly affects the final effect of the film, suggested looking for professionals or professional equipment.
Report: micro-Studio reference price
Director: Yuan/day
Photographer: Yuan/day
Camera: 800-2500
Lighting designer: 800-8000
Track: 500
Lift: 2500
Rocker: 2000