Newcomers must-know for wedding photos checklist

1, the number of wedding dresses you can choose, whether there is a surcharge for clothing
2, try on clothes and confirmed, the shop must ensure shooting that day confirmed clothes neat and you can use the
3, the need to pay for the outer garments clean
4, whether the shape required for cosmetics and other extra charges part
5, the designated photographers, stylist for the specified fee? how many?
6, shot when one-on-one service, or is it?
7, accessories are there surcharge
8, photographers, makeup artists shooting did not arrive on the same day, how to deal with defaulting?
9, photographer, makeup artist day is just a set of?
10, shooting porn should not be less than the number of how many
11, on the bus, meals, lodging, parking fees, scenic spot tickets, parking fees, such as who will pay the costs?
12, on the event of inclement weather, such as rain and snow, to Reshoot?
13, filmed the same day will the relatives peer?
14, later finished the number of specifications and quality
15, porn and free all PS? or the charging?
16 late, if increased finished production, how to charge
17, will the late design changes and look like
18, later albums finished production problems, such as blistering, bend, inconsistent quality, and how to deal with?
19, under what circumstances can refund the deposit
20, method of payment and payment time
21, credit card fees
22, wedding dresses are there other special provisions required the? or extra charges?