Energy saving driving buses wedding bride "marry" the groom

Ten gold, nine silver, festive, luxury wedding cars everywhere along the road. This is not, was called by the public bus fleet marriage in 2011 best wedding surprise appearances in the afternoon the day before yesterday! Being a bride is 600 bus drivers driving the bus alone wedding car groom, arrived at the hotel. Feel cool than a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, but the couple admits, "people are happy, of course, but more important is energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon environment! "
"Come, come, drive around the bride wore a wedding dress to, please have a look here......" the day before yesterday at around 14:30, the sight of 4 "long" bus car team appears in the link on jinbin Avenue. At this point, the bride first led XING NA "head" heart-shaped flowers, "wearing" the bride and groom photo shots, "toting" pink balloons, cars full of words "bus car" slowly into the hotel entrance. Along the way had been standing next to XING na Wang Yong喆 and groom holding bouquet, welcomed the first walking down the bus car, went to meet his bride with open arms, within the next 3 bus car filled with friends and family around the smiley face. As with other happy couples, then entered the ceremony the groom Wang Yong喆 XING na under the blessings of family and friends, and the bride, the knot, completed the important moments of their lives.
Along the way, XING na stole bus car is show people crowd scenes are repeated. "Haven't seen such a nice car, drove the bride and groom's car. Look enviable, bless them. "" This can be compared to the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, ' bus car, ' this is a really good idea, wish they appreciate this sentiment. "In addition, the wedding guests, brides 600 road team captain Wang feeling quite a lot," a girl on the bus driver jobs for almost 5 years, too much is not easy. Today the daily work with her car, could have their service time for her, and we are quite happy about it. "
After the ceremony, the couple in the memories of walking down the bus car at the scene, than many other cars arrive at the scene of happy couples, bride and groom Wang Yong喆 XING na express "bus car" hard to replicate this kind of wonderful so that they will never forget. "When driving, we still sing today, you're going to marry me. ' Hand in hand, come with me to create happy life...... ' I wish our happy journey smooth. "
Bride XING na: driving to the Hotel Palm sweating
Creative wedding car buses, groom Wang Yong喆 said: "because my wife is XING na bus driver, so public transport is very emotional, and she hoped that the most important day of our lives, and your business perfectly. Coupled with such cars energy-saving emission reduction, so we hit it off. Of course also thank the team boss and family support. "For bride drive groom sat this creative of" idea ", bride XING NA is laugh with said:" we is in bus Shang met, and know, and love of, old fair Shi on is love I, a work on to team to find I, some when even also, I to night shift, special of not easy, so I on wants to others husband are is drive pulled with bride, this back let I husband break with, I drive pulled with he. "XING na said, are their own buses, but started at that moment, still very nervous, after all, is the important moments of life. "I fear that something goes wrong, well, special smooth, line up at the hotel although not far, but open to the Hotel Palm sweating! ”