Buxom MM wedding guide

When choosing a wedding dress, fat MM slim clothes try not to wear. Wedding dresses are generally group support, while the dress is shaped, slightly plump figure of MM wearing slim clothes are easily exposed weaknesses. Cheongsam and is in great shape, it is easy to highlight small belly, Oh! Choices with big skirts and even a Pannier dress will make you look very different. Choice of dress a big group hang back, consequence is not exactly the same, special thin waist and hips wider, with support skirt does not come out at all.
Normal fat bride faces will match round, how to make the face look exquisite, is still trust makeup tips. Good makeup artist through the shadow and shape of the joint and make your face look small. General shadow combined with light emphasizes the contours and lines of the face.
Application modeling headdresses, earrings and other items could also play a role in transferring Visual focus. Of the original face is not revealed.
MM fat tend to have large breasts, this is the unique strengths, because dresses are generally stressed that the chest curve and, of course, this also brings some small effects--sometimes the choice of clothing may be subject to certain limits. Because of the dress in the chest are generally supported, plus makeup artist behind fixed tight clothes in, would have been complete without transparent straps.