Fashion personality wedding "finishing touch"

Strongly reject cookie, wedding is no exception, show at the wedding for some hot dance, try a new style of wedding cake or other unexpected scenarios, added the finishing touch for your stylish wedding inspiration!
Use Mulberry dancing wedding atmosphere
Wedding in your impression, certainly has a lot of the bride and groom are accompanied by melodious romantic song slow dancing with love. However, if you want the wedding to become more lively, then to a Samba or Tango with him. Believe the dance of the bride and groom so that heat will drive the mood.
Innovative gift cake
Although the traditional tiered wedding cake continues to be one of the highlights of the wedding, but more and more people have begun to embrace and love novelty gift cake. Gift cake is made of a top-tier primary cake styles, with many versions of their Small cake form, and placed into the traditional tiered wedding cake style.
Couple cutting the cake part just cutting the top layer cake, while the mini cupcake is perfect for getting the guests himself, and also as a gift for the guests.

Many brides do not throw the wedding bouquet, even throwing the bouquet ceremony was held, participation of those acquaintances had little enthusiasm. Therefore, in order to pay tribute to you can toast a glass of wine to your close friends, or write some thank you cards, leave bouquets for parents, teachers and other elders.
For friends and family gave its blessing
Usually, friends of the couple drank a toast to the bride and groom, bridesmaids, best man, respectively, to express their wishes of the couple. So, why not also give them blessings? Bride and groom should have a toast to solemnly give you loving parents, busy busy for the wedding bridesmaids, groomsmen and relatives and friends come thanks, send best wishes for them.
Bring blessings to the honeymoon
At the end of the wedding, the couple is usually ready for taxis, buses and other means of transport for the guests, Prince Gong to see people leave after their honeymoon. But if the bride and groom are the envy of eyes and wishes to drive slowly away, starting their honeymoon, is a romantic and extraordinary things.
Personality cocktail:
Personalized cocktail has become an integral part of the wedding. Prepare special drinks for the guests, and a name associated with a theme of the day, such as winter Sonata. This will boost your wedding.
Glitter love blessing:
At the time of throwing the bouquet, intended for the youngest guests wedding day throw a good luck Teddy bear, or throwing candy young children so that each child can get a copy of your wishes.
Memorable moment:
You and the groom wedding photos into slide in different periods of play, you're wearing pants, his mad pursuit when you use, then every now and then get a couple of fun photos in fun, which not only will bring more joy and laughter to full house guest, will also make you feel sweet.
"Circle" a sincere friendship:
The wedding comes to an end, the bride and groom can make friends formed a circle, touching the DJ plays music, every guest will give words of thanks and farewell words.