Marriage like Changchun, 34-year-old man in period costume play wedding also play through

9:30 October 6, satellite gongs in front at Changchun University in Changchun City, a procession of attract people's eyeballs.
Hubei Wuhan people's bridegroom Liu Wenbin was 34 years old, he is dressed in costume, accompanied by a procession, came to Changchun University in a building opposite the apartment. Wedding of those holding "clear", hold "Hi" sign, there is a lion dance, carry the sedan chair.
Bridal sedan bridegroom
"You wait for me, I'll be right down! "Liu Wenbin strode, entered the elevator and then to 17.
30-year old bride Liu Zhaoying is waiting for his new homes. "Get up, we go! "" Deacon people "to the call made by the bride and groom, after the new easy clean up, accompanied by his family and friends, emerged from the House.
10:13, the couple out of the apartment, Liu Wenbin picked bride directly went to the most honorific manner, "servant girl" hurriedly pulled the curtain door, Liu Wenbin slowly the bride in the car, turned and stood in front of the Chair.
"The car myself! "" The deacon who "shouted, led to the drum. Front is holding "clear", followed by "Hi" sign, followed by two lion dance, followed by Liu Wenbin, behind Liu Wenbin was carrying the bride's red car, red car behind the band, the procession of mighty walked to a nearby hotel.
"Thank you, thank you......" bridegroom Liu Wenbin stride thanked onlookers bowed from time to time.
Antique wedding dress up
20 minutes later, the procession came to the satellite road and street happiness rendezvous at a hotel near the door, the bride in the groom's arm from the big red car, and go to the wedding.
Wedding antique look, the entire Hall was red.
10:58, wedding ceremony begins. In two new "girl" accompanied, from one end to the other end of the red carpet ... ...
"Cross-fire, booming; cross-saddle, after safely; high beams, a politician in the future......", "deacon who" presided over was very skilled.
"Archery! First arrow, the arrow II, the third arrow the universe...... "Liu Wenbin less skilled bow archery, attracted a great deal of laughter.
Soon, the wedding into a "bride" procedure, the couple thanks to heaven and Earth, and thanks to the GAO, and then entered a "bridal chamber" ... ...
Liu Wenbin, and Liu Zhaoying is graduate of Jilin University, Liu Wenbin was studying chemistry, now runs a postgraduate counselling company, Liu Zhaoying majored in literature, and is currently a teacher.
"My wife is studying classics, especially something like classical, we then had the rustic wedding ideas! "Liu Wenbin said," now, Western-style wedding is so that the people are tired, antique wedding memorable! "
Liu Wenbin said that he and his wife met in counseling companies, it is nice to talk to each other, a few years later, marriage halls, "both parents are very supportive of our antique wedding, family for the support and good wishes, both very pleased, I hope you bless us! "
Liu Zhaoying did not speak, I kept laughing.
"Bearer", "girl" are students
The sedan chair 8 "bearer" and two "girl" and the dancers are very young and look young, they all are college students, using "11" work during the vacation.
"Servant girl" Wu students Northeast Normal University College of education students. "I had a work card, if no class or the rest of the time, some company will call me, again. Wedding company call me dress like a girl, I do these days is to rest, just nothing, so he came over, work-study programs, to earn some money to subsidize their own! "Theory of Ngo Dong.
Changchun, master of ceremonies, President of the Association, Cao said, "11" before the holidays, the Association of Changchun's major hotels, hotels and more than more than 300 MC members were incomplete statistics, by yesterday, more than 6,000 couples wed.
Chairman Cao said, he advocated the rustic wedding, which better reflect the Chinese characteristics, both festive and lively.