Generation concentrated peak wedding marriage consumption along with the CPI rising

Festive firecrackers one after another, Golden words posted on the gate of the community ... ... The "11" Golden weeks, Beijing held wedding crowd, many relatives was shuttled to the wedding. Xinhua learned from the wedding industry Committee in Beijing this year, "11" Golden weeks, 20,000 couples in Beijing went into the Wedding Hall.
Golden Week get together held the wedding
Golden Week is not only a holiday, Golden Week consumption, is also a wedding in golden week. These days, many hotels and restaurants can be found in Beijing, lobby with a Word, and established a large picture of the newlyweds. Some hotels as well as two or three in the morning wedding.
Girls Sun Yu in Beijing yesterday and met 5-year boyfriend held a wedding ceremony. Their marriage ceremony according to the hotel in the morning hosted relatives and elders, put a 20-table banquet. This afternoon, the two put on civilian clothes party hosted a college classmate and friend. This year, like Sun rain married during the golden week period about 20,000 of the new Beijing.
Beijing, Chairman of the wedding industry hit told reporters that these years are "$literal" concentrated married peak. In Beijing, about 180,000 couples married this year, in which 100,000 wedding terms, which most of them are concentrated in April or May and in September or October. 7 days for weddings there are 20,000 or so.
Wedding consumption increased with CPI
With the high CPI, even restaurants are one price, wedding banquet price is soaring. Reporters interviewed some of Beijing's high-end hotels, wedding banquet prices compared with last year all raised. "11" golden week these days, wedding banquet price is higher than usual.
South Rim a four-star hotel told reporters that the cheapest wedding this year is 3000 Yuan/table starts, not including wine, slightly more expensive grade of a wedding is 4000 Yuan/table. In the past year, also set to over 2000 wedding. This reporter has learned that at present Beijing 4 star hotel a wedding table with an average standard is 3000 to 4000 Yuan, five-star hotels start minimum standard is 5000 Yuan, high or even tens of thousands of Yuan for a table. The price than in the previous two years, was up three or four. Even higher prices, Beijing will host the wedding hotel, also in short supply. If the couple want to "11" wedding, place need to book your wedding in March or April of that year. At present, many of the hotel's wedding list has received the next year "51".
Young wedding palaces no
"We don't want teams, is his own family cars decorated with flowers by the bride, it's great! "Golden week this year married couple a lot, but we didn't see many jieqin floats on the street team. In wedding consumption rises at the same time, some young people started to pinch pennies to save money wedding.
"Wedding of the year and a return to the traditional, simple, dignified, and not too many fancy content. "The wedding company, told reporters that" 11 "wedding" $literal "new features focus on content, not with style. The most obvious is the "$literal" love with a wedding convoy. They say a team to spend at least 5000 or higher, opening 20 minutes way, just for the scenery, it is not worth it.
Wedding fair Champ rose
"This golden week 3 wedding. 2nd morning and ran off with two children. "Jiang Peng this week for 3 weddings, classmates, friends, and his age is" $literal ". This reporter has learned into generation became of marriageable age to marry with the main force, many young people lamented that "can't afford to gift". Wedding industry, told reporters that money with wedding prices have gone up now, two hundred or three hundred, three hundred or four hundred can get out before, now I am sorry. Is generally a five hundred or six hundred starts and high of babaiyiqian. If a golden week wedding, this is suifenzi one month's salary.
"Can follow the wedding list to buy practical gifts. "In a number of forums, loud discussion on wedding Member's money. The view was expressed that overseas Wedding couples will list the name of needed supplies, price, claimed by relatives and casual, such a gift is more intimate, or you can avoid the embarrassment of many.

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