Wedding dress industry product refinement will light the light

Entering in 2011, the international financial crisis worsened inflation difficult, for each industry is even worse. The brunt of foreign trade, in the context of shrinking exports, unbearable load many foreign trade companies have closed down. The wedding industry has always been export-oriented, inevitably suffer.
Speaking of 2011 wedding dress industry, it is estimated that many people in the industry will feel a great sadness, but in such a stress, wedding dress industry for a refined Sun, brands and processing will be divided into two chains.
First, as mentioned above, global recession directly affects exports. Wedding dresses in China itself is imported, although in recent years have deepened understanding and recognition of a wedding in China, but the huge potential of the domestic market has not been completely open, wedding dress company most is processing, export-oriented, domestic, supplemented by the way. Therefore, the continued tough market to industry in the form of the financial crisis brought the first heavy frost, many small and medium processing enterprises reduce the list don't get even one face on the failed ending.
Second, the bottleneck of traditional processing industry, has become the second difficulty.
In a year of visits, I found that many business managers for the condition of traditional processing industries are concerned. New technologies are gradually occupied the market, but for a wedding dress, hand is still dominant, embroidery and tailoring and ultimately hand share. However, taken as a whole, most young people are unable to bear the dry and hard manual work and hand-master of the older generation largely due to age and the situation is slowly leaving this area. Young craftsmen because of the lack of an older generation's point, it is difficult to learn the essence.
Third, the rise in raw material prices, rising costs to wedding dress brought the third test. Many processing enterprises have been overwhelmed. In the gradual rise of wedding dress design obviously has no intersections with independent processing, otherwise, on publicity and promotion of the brand, brand will be unable to production and processing and Gu.
Above factors, in the coming days, wedding industry refining industry will be further intensified, the brand and the watershed in the process will be further expanded in the light of current trends. Brand will full concentrated Yu design and development, in domestic existing of share in the constantly expanded, and to world stage more towards a step; and do processing of enterprise will and design, and development from, and brand formed two article independent of industry chain, but each other between and will mutual dependency, just market Division will will more clear, whole market will further mature, to adapted big environment of development. It is at this stage and adjustment created trend in domestic market.