2010 wedding trends of Chinese and Western

Shangri La Hotel Chengdu-at the just-ended 2010 wedding trends Conference, wedding food, wedding ideas, wedding dress, wedding jewelry, wedding photography, wedding flower arrangements, such as the latest fashion information stunning debut. Among them, the rich atmosphere of the Han dynasty, Chinese-style wedding, "Jasmine" Western-style wedding theme, simple wedding dresses, Royal style wedding service ... ... Will soon become a popular wedding trend elements next year.
One of the most shocking is that live show of "rich and atmospheric wedding of Han dynasty", the bride sat high on the Han Yu Jiao, by four soldiers dressed in gold-and-silver-admission to the shoulders, wearing large red Chinese clothes for the bride and groom red lips, as the Lions finishing touch, vividly depicts the wedding customs and culture of the Han dynasty, and
Called "soul wedding" bridal show, let the couple back to low-key, simple, natural and Zen's life. However, the feast most is live hotel wedding reception food shows, like blockbuster, handsome and tall
Workers lined up on stage in music violin, showing perfect wedding programs serving distinguished service, hotel Italy Executive Chef to create elaborate Western-style wedding dishes, give each guest a taste of luxury.