Established Nanjing wedding talent training base

Xinhua Jiangsu channel Nanjing April 2 electric (reporter Lin Kai) reporter 1st from Nanjing City Union career training center was informed that, for further specification wedding market, and improve wedding professional talent literacy, the Center will joint Nanjing wedding etiquette industry association established Nanjing wedding talent training base, on wedding presided over, and makeup Division, and wedding spent art Division, and camera Division, and lights Division, for professional training, advance wedding market induction holding card system.
According to reports, the number of marriages per year in Nanjing at about 80,000 annual consumption up to 3 billion due to wedding, upscale wedding demand is also increasing. Wedding etiquette industry association, Luo Laiji in Nanjing said that last year, Nanjing has developed a standard wedding market rules and regulations, but there are still a few qualified companies and practitioners. The wedding market in Nanjing over a total of more than 600 master of ceremonies, and there are a lot of young people want to join the industry. "We have now set up a training base of the wedding is to want to get into the industry, provide a platform for people who want to license. "
Luo Laiji told reporters that will further advance the system of licensed wedding service in Nanjing. Wedding must be in Nanjing human resources and Social Security Bureau issued the wedding host the certificate, can be used at ceremonies presided over the subordinate member units of the wedding industry. "We are following the wedding industry has signed a commitment by all members, we do not accept certificate of master of ceremonies to our industry association the wedding company activities. "
According to the Nanjing city Federation Deputy Zhang Shangmin, Director of the Centre for employee assistance services introduced, wedding ceremonies will be introduced in the market in Nanjing next year training, pass the examination Division MC level, to ensure that the new ease of consumption, understand the consumption.
Luo Laiji said holder is so that the Association's management specifications for practitioners. "If there are some problems, we can also coordinate and handle. "(End)