Wedding industry calls for major brands

The wedding industry is the biggest value service, wedding businesses must develop tangible products from the wedding to the spiritual and cultural intangible products in the field of extended, thereby reinforcing the competitive advantage in the industries and markets.
Amazing wedding market size in China, according to data released 2010 spring wedding Expo 2009 urban residents ' total 11.458 million couples registered for marriage, marriage generated direct spending has exceeded 600 billion yuan. Due to the largest baby boom since the founding of appeared in the late 80 's, was born in this period is around 2007-2012 to the age of the crowd.
At the peak of marriage comes at the same time, each couple's wedding is also soaring, market research shows that most married couples for weddings and related consumer savings of about 31%. In Chongqing, a city newlyweds spent an average of 100,000 yuan.
There is no doubt that wedding consumption market economy has become a new growth point. However, the face of a huge potential market, the domestic leader in the wedding industry is not enterprise, the lack of a national brand, which unfortunately for the industry say that it is.
In "two low-free" status
Says an industry usually do not mature, refers to the industry in a "two low-free" status. Low barriers to market access and low market concentration: "none", that there are no strong leading brands. The wedding industry in China is in "two low-free" status.
One is the low threshold for market access. The wedding industry has 10.2 million Yuan funds can start. Because of the low threshold for market access, to fight price, cost, even at the cost of loss of integrity of competition into the industry's problems, plunging the industry into a vicious competition "vicious circle", brand, quality of high-end competition impossible.
Second, the wedding industry is highly fragmented. Wuhan City as an example, Nanjing Yangzi Street about more than more than 40 wedding company, Xu Dong Lu, over more than 10 Po Fung Road along the sunny day brought together nearly 10. In addition to these wedding company gathered outside, many street corners in Wuhan, in a small wooden sign on the door, two people, a table number of wedding company amounting to more than 300 companies. Few wedding companies don't step out of the city boundary, not to mention national brands.
Each link in the chain of three entire wedding industry is decentralized to be integrated. This sweet chain of several core consumer: wedding photography, wedding hotels, transportation, travel, jewelry, wedding dresses and so on each link has a solo. Both enterprises and consumers in the industry, many links have to separately meet and converge. Product supply to the lack of competitiveness of products consumer mental and physical exhaustion.
Low threshold and low concentration, and seemingly prosperous wedding market is only low level of competition. And because "two low", we don't see on the market leading brands lead the industry ranks the industry's strong, a lack of consistent industry standards, no one raise trade barriers. A large number of small and medium enterprises Scrum in the market, or even counterfeit products run amok, low level of industry as a whole.
Homogeneity of product shortage is the root of
Wedding consumption is a typical emotion, consumption and, therefore, the wedding industry has the characteristics of creative industries. August 8, 2008 opening day of the Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing 15646 couples to receive marriage licenses, registrations are registrations in the past several times. Such a great business opportunity, but few wedding business ideas, make use of the unique node to do something.
After the material needs to meet the people, will be in the spirit of the request. The newcomers now no longer satisfied with cookie-cutter wedding, but different, full of personality and wedding, the wedding industry with wide extension and development of space. Aware of this trend wedding company very much, but real professional planning wedding company is rare. Identical products, innovation is weak, in the final analysis is the shortage of talent.
Creative personality, planning value. Wedding planning in Japan and Europe and the United States have been very popular, the selling point is creative, innovative, personalized wedding wedding programme, through great events and the star of the ceremony for the couple to the awards stage, becoming a new man lives forever in the afterglow of a beautiful memory. For example, in Japan, one of the "Ocean"-themed wedding, shells became a dish, the Planner's whim, makes every wedding party left a deep impression on people, such weddings unforgettable.
Lack of industry standards and service standards
Insiders believe that at present, the wedding industry is still stuck in the "small" level. In fact, due to the chronic lack of basic industry standard the wedding industry, there is no standard service procedures, nor the appropriate industry self-regulatory organizations, service standards, and most of the level is not high. Market regulators due to lack of standards, meet consumers and businesses when there is a dispute, mediation process seems overwhelming.
In addition, in the industry, due to sizeable enterprises neglect their corporate publicity, does not focus on the improvement of enterprises ' brand in the market, not to provide consumers with a benchmark of market-led. Small businesses lack the self-discipline to fish in troubled waters. This market not only dampened consumer spending initiatives, but also the industry's image and integrity be affected, hindering the overall development of the market.
Market research shows, wedding industry over more than 60 related industries, a large scale, but relatively sparse. Compared to the wedding market and abroad, wedding market in China is still at an early stage. Wedding travel, is generally in the ordinary add some wedding traditions travel element, there is no creativity at the core, to festive as the main line, integrated into the wedding industry to related resources. It should be said that the wedding industry from the perspective of market demand still has a great future, but trying to be promoted, someone must do integration work in this industry.
Integration is the key to marketing ideas for the Center. The wedding industry is based on the creative services, consolidation of the industry should be focusing on this core, according to customer needs for consolidation. Key links of wedding chain include: beauty salons, wedding gowns, wedding planning, wedding supplies, art photography and wedding photography, wedding travel hotels, jewelry, wedding gifts, household items, and so on. If the wedding company determined to provide consumers with "one-stop" services marketing model, you can focus on the main line, to beauty salons, wedding gowns, Bridal, art photography and other areas to consolidate, to provide consumers with convenient, quick, one-stop-order service.
For example, a wedding services company owned overseas tourist resource advantages, then, you can take this base, according to various exotic and with characteristics, combined with the new will to determine the subject, integrated honeymoon travel, wedding ceremony, wedding, wedding dresses and full-mission photography, industry links, for married couples with one-stop, personalized service.
Industrial upgrading requires extension
For a long time, people eat wedding to announce the birth of a family. Today, people with unique wedding ceremonies as a symbol of his life mileage. It is from the material meets the spirit of consumers enjoy the upgrade reflected. Personalized wedding theme of multicultural elements will become City wedding crowd wedding trends.
As the consumer demand escalates, wedding company services must also be upgraded. Now domestic scenic spots and travel agencies learning from foreign experience, tailored developed in line with China's new consumer products, such as the wedding customs of ethnic minorities in Yunnan, and submarine on the beach wedding photography wedding, in a beautiful resort on the outskirts of green wedding, buffet wedding conducted in European gardens, wedding and anniversary trees has run wedding, wedding in the desert and so on. Meanwhile, wedding consumption is on the rise, at a cost of tens of thousands of Yuan, and there are hundreds of thousands of wedding, and to meet the needs of this population, hardware service alone is not enough, the key to meet the spiritual and cultural dimension needs.
Development experience of foreign wedding services company worthy of our reference. A year before the couple married, all to the wedding arrangements. On the wedding company Wedding Countdown, such as decorating the time, premarital health adjustments, skin care, and so on a series of procedures has a comprehensive plan and timetable to ensure that couples in wedding and weddings, maintaining optimum health and mental Outlook. Details on the layout of the wedding, such as the theme color and the color of the development, wedding dresses and shoes, bag matching, weddings on the use of multimedia technologies, the development of high-tech items, including the bride's wedding dress back in carefully designed, uninterrupted all day buffet-style party, candle art forms and more details are fully taken into account.
At present, the wedding service in a passive state, and service are the same, single function, not a thorough analysis of consumer psychology, to guide the trend of active service, played an active role.
The first of the marriage celebration service standard was implemented on December 1, 2009. Establishment and implementation of the standards system, will greatly promote the development of the industry. However, it is just industry-based standards, enterprises want to stand out in the industry, must establish a higher standard of operating standards and service standards, and rivals, widen the difference and distance, for competitive differentiation. Specialization, outreach, service constantly updates the wedding service, regulations, compliance standards, and constantly upgrade should become the conscious action of outstanding enterprises.
Wedding industry relies on soft power to win business. Therefore, to become a trusted consumer business, we must talk about integrity, standards tree, the brand. Have a trusted brand in the market, wedding companies could go out of limits, scorning high-end of the market.