"The theme wedding" industrial chain formed

When the "different" personality of the couple to appeal, "themed wedding" became the darling of every wedding company. Blue and white wedding theme, Revolution theme wedding, honeymoon minority topics ... ... Dazzling "theme wedding" was in the 2011 wedding season the fire, also contributed to the upstream and downstream industry chain.
Theme wedding
Holding red wedding planner
Recently, the storage is for this year's Miss "11" during the wedding planning style. She found a "blue and white porcelain wedding theme" planning. "Planner will give us some advice, such as the selection of tableware, gift wrapped style, but also make our own complicity. "The Fed said, she and her husband wanted to record a" theme song ", and also an element of blue and white porcelain in the wedding dress.
Wedding planning Shi Jingwen last November orchestrated a name for "all the way" theme wedding. "The bride is the school's English teacher, a holiday travel. After meet the groom, they decide it takes a lifetime to work together around the world. So, we put the wedding planning into a journey of love. "Jing said.
According to the introduction, theme wedding planning time is similar to a traditional wedding, in about 4 months, and prices are not necessarily higher than that of a traditional wedding. "Although with the theme to add some production elements, but if the couple own purchases made may cost very low. "Reporters Planner and wedding service companies said.
Theme wedding
Led Studio
"The Revolution theme wedding", "Palace theme wedding photos" even with newcomers work unit, echoing the lifestyle theme wedding photos is virtually the most popular Studio project.
Dressed in a green military uniform, holding a "Chairman Mao" and "revolutionary theme wedding"; playing the electric guitar, knocking drums of "rock and roll theme wedding"; wore a sports lovers "campaign theme wedding" was praised by netizens.
"My boyfriend met at a comic shop, so our wedding was full of cartoon characters. "A user who just finished making personalized wedding photos told reporters. Couple room in the workplace are selected within a set of "int". "My husband and I are colleagues, int on the choice of the Office, and have some fun. "
Themed honeymoon

Themed honeymoon is also gradually emerged. At present, the more mature themes honeymoon first "movie theme honeymoon." United States Hollywood, Italy Rome, India Bollywood, and France in Paris, Hong Kong, China, is a popular choice film honeymoon.
"My girlfriend and I are people who like to watch movies, almost always goes to the cinema every weekend. "Citizen King told reporters:" the honeymoon trip if there was a movie theme, will be feeling. "Wang said, while it's still not sure where, but if you can be with your girlfriend, go go United States Fifth Avenue, Hollywood, or the Roman holiday of" mouth of truth "to tell girlfriend before, or go to France Versailles experience jaw Baroque and Rococo style of architecture, is a wonderful journey.