Wedding Photo Studio six "flickers"

Recently accepted by the members of the Association analysis of the complaints related to wedding photography, after that part of Photo Studio, photography Center often catch newcomers to consider on this once in a lifetime of psychological, hoodwinked the consumers in six.
Shared health condition is worrying. Wedding dresses, gowns, make-up equipment and other goods are not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the strict and careful sanitation and disinfection measures. Because of these shared items are in direct contact with the skin, unsanitary, a highly contagious skin diseases, health risks to consumers.
Wedding photos are artificially high pricing problems. It is understood that there is shooting wedding photos are tens of thousands of or tens of thousands of Yuan. Industry sources cost more than people can imagine, prices there are many water.
Playing with words, unfair and unreasonable agreement with the consumer. According to reports, at present, on Studio Photography, lack of uniform contract format text, consumers often have to sign an agreement drawn up by the merchant in advance, and most of such agreements limit consumer rights, avoid the Merchant shall bear legal responsibility.
Final explanation right to avoid legal liability. In case of consumer disputes, businesses often the power of final interpretation on the grounds, trying to find excuses for their own, excused himself, in an effort to avoid responsibility, to avoid risks.
False promises, lack of good faith. Some Studio for attract customer, using some consumers or celebrity image for advertising publicity, special to "Thanksgiving new, offers big bargain" "shop celebrates", various activities for name, make some "fake discount" "fake offers", to consumers made all attractive of oral commitment, once both signed agreement, they of service on will big discount, cannot do has Connaught will practice.
Under various pretexts, new cases, forcing consumers to pay extra. Some Studios in the performance of services, tend to make consumers unexpected new situations and new problems, took the opportunity to charge more. Like a Crystal photo, did not announce specific size; send wedding flowers, flower in place. Due to these new situations and new problems are not specified in the contract, often puts consumers in a dilemma, forcing consumers to passive acceptance of their services and higher prices of services, cengcengjiama, earn more.