Theme wedding

Four seasons song

Four seasons song

Tone of the wedding: creative theme wedding
Project objective: when a couple deeply in love partner through spring, summer, autumn and winter days of love, into the sacred wedding halls, means that the run outcome and at the same time means life full of beginnings. They will also work together to pass the time, more spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Wedding: 22---30 minute
Wedding Description: in spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons as a wedding theme, passionate wedding ceremony into the four seasons by spot lights, special effects, weds and guests produced a spatio-temporal transform and vibrant feel. This theme also has two new love will be forever, forever. The entire wedding will also be divided into four chapters, namely: thick winter of love, spring, summer, autumn harvest of eternal
Wedding Spotlight:
One. &Nbsp;      exquisite lighting create a gorgeous effect:
Blu-ray slightly hit the stage in winter, snow all over the sky, a boy holding an umbrella next to the girl under the snow, keep out rain and snow for the girl ... ... (Omitted)
Spring is here, the stage transforms into a verdant green, full of life ... ... (slightly)
Orange-red light off the stage in the summer, dry ice clouds in the beautiful, the bride and groom made a lifelong vow ... ... (Omitted)
Golden Autumn light heralds a season of harvest, and wish the couple fall in love forever .... (omitted)
II. Flying butterfly, the wedding is filled with romantic and aesthetic

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