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Dance of fire and ice

Dance of fire and ice

Chinese style, Western-style wedding with, warm, cheerful
Wedding: 30---40 minute
Inspiration: wedding, if fully adopted the pure Chinese marriage customs, are devoid of romance, only busy: but cannot finish the Western wedding bridal fengguanxiapei, pull back the Red chapeau surprise
Married code description: "ice fire of dance" is Chinese wedding and Western wedding for perfect of combined, meet has new people on two species wedding of desire, wedding in the has climax, has unified, and with ice expression pure, with warm described love, white and Red organic of combined in with, let people immediately feel to you of happiness as fire version blowing and to, also feel to you love of romantic and sweet
Wedding is divided into two fields:
Western-style wedding is sacred in the first half (a solemn and elegant)
The bride of the grooms walked off the stage to marry the beautiful, by the father of the bride to hand her lover. ... (slightly)
The second half is happy Chinese wedding
Bride and groom holding hands with a red silk walked into the banquet hall again, the entire Hall was jubilant, cheering .... (omitted)
Wedding Spotlight: perfect combination of Chinese and Western for many brides dream of two weddings. Wedding secondary admission system, novel and unique. Interspersed with performances of let guests share the happiness and joy of the couple.

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